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CAPPDT is an association with the mandate to educate.  Whether you are a dog trainer, dog owner or enthusiast, the information shared through this association is invaluable.  One of the vehicles we use to facilitate this sharing of knowledge is our infamous newsletter ‘Forum’.

With literally hundreds of trainers and decades of experience, our members and other experts provide Forum with an endless source of anecdotes and information.  Although CAPPDT believes in humane training, our members consist of experts using a wide array of tools and techniques featured in the pages of our newsletter.  From training to business, legislation, rescue, and more, CAPPDT Forum is both educational and entertaining. 

With over six hundred issues distributed quarterly, this is an excellent advertising opportunity for anyone selling dog-related products or services.  Feel free to contact the Forum editor care of forumeditor@cappdt.ca for a list of our reasonable rates and deadlines.

If you love dogs, Forum is a ‘must-read’.  Ask how you can join CAPPDT today, and receive your first issue of this quality publication.